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I am blessed to guide bright, curious 6th graders in their Catholic faith formation each Sunday morning. This week, I could not pass up the chance to have my students write their own prayers and discuss the events of terror that have been happening around the world. The intention of my following reflection is not to serve as an instruction of religion, but rather as a platform for me to share just how genuine and respectful my students were in praying with me on Sunday after the attacks in France, Lebanon, and throughout the world last week.


As I opened our book to prepare my lesson early that morning, the page following where we left off the previous week opened with, “evil entered the world through a human act” and continued to talk about the symbols of evil in the story of creation. The text helped lead us through a deep discussion of how each human is created with free will to make decisions, whether they be good or bad, and how attractive evil can be made to seem. After feeling frustrated that our tendency to get off topic in class kept leading us to falling behind in our lessons, I was reminded of my faith and understood how perfect His plan for the timing of our discussion was.

I am so proud of my students for graciously tackling such challenging issues and am so proud that they were able to relate relevant social issues they are learning about in school to our conversations. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I hope that in gathering the individual prayers into one class prayer, my students’ reflections will move you as they have moved me.

 Dear God,
I pray for the victims of Paris and the rest of the people in Paris for the terrorist attack, and who’s family, friends or relatives that passed away during the terrorist attack. And I hope that they will grow stronger and heal very soon.
I pray for the people of Paris and all of the people who witness terrorist attacks all over the world. I pray that the victims are in a better place with you. I pray that not as many terrorist attacks occur all over the world. I pray for the people of Paris, and I hope that they grow stronger from the attacks. I pray that you will mend their broken hearts.
I pray for the people in Paris that have witnessed the terrorist attack. That they have a happy life and not feel scared.
I pray that the terrorists who committed this crime realized what they have done and make the right decision.
Can you help those who need healing? If those terrorists have any faith in them, guide them back to you.
I pray that you can get to know the terrorists and they can be healed and become good people. I hope that you can watch over those people that were injured and heal them to live their lives like they deserve.

In support and love for those of every nation suffering from tragedies and acts of terrorism across the world right now, this week I would like assist in overlaying a flag (or flags) of your choice over social media profile photos for anyone interested. If you have a request, please send me a direct, private message to

I urge everyone to take their support to the next level and consider taking the time to research and donate to a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the dignity of human life.



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